Good Dub Or Roots Reggae

Can someone recommend me some of your favorite dub and reggae. I’ve been meaning to check those two genres out even further but so far all the stuff I have is The Congos, Scientist, Black Uhuru, Israel Vibration, Burning Spear, Burning Babylon, Super Ape by The Upsetters, some Bob Marley and even less Peter Tosh, around only one album by each artist.
I really like the more melancholic kind of stuff with vocals, stuff like The Congos, Israel Vibration and the more vocal tracks by Scientist.

I’d recommend boxcutter, vex’d, and iTAL tEK. Not really reggae and vocal, but dubby and awesome!

i don’t think these have got anything to do with dub/reggae, and they aren’t even the most dubby dubstep either. for that you’d have to look to the skull disco stuff. suggesting boxcutter, vex’d, and iTAL tEK to a question like this makes about as much sense as suggesting richard devine, ed rush & optical and shitmat, or perhaps goldie. all fine artists perhaps, but totally irrelevant to the question. possibly i’m being facetious. :P

anyway you probably know more dub and reggae than i do already, but i would suggest if you haven’t, checking out the trojan compilations. there are many copies and they have a plan. if the many triple sets they have on dub, dancehall, rocksteady etc. aren’t enough, you could then go and check out the individual artists on those compilations further… that would probably give you a good overview of the genre.

as far as my own tastes, i like to dip into some lee perry, mad professor, the trojan stuff or perhaps some don letts. but i don’t listen to anywhere near enough dub as i should, and probably will in time…

Space Monkeys!

Thanks for the replies :) ha, yeah I was wondering about that dubstep stuff, I’ve heard some boxcutter already. Well, I haven’t really listened to that much dubstep either

augustus pablo, is great.

should dig King Tubby, The Scientist was like King Tubby’s pupil.

also, i didn’y expect to see it but if you go to 4chan and search dub. you could be surprised.