Good Hardware Sampler For Under $200 Usd

So I’m shopping for a b-day present for my gf. I’ve never looked around at hardware samplers because i’ve never felt the need for one. Basically what she wants is something that will record and loop back live, similar to the technique used in this video: (Imogen Heap - Just for now. great song by the way)

are there any hardwares I can get for less than $200 that would do this? thanks!!!

I think you’re looking for something more like a delay. I think Line6 made a big green one that does things like this.
Edit: Also, I believe what she’s using is an Electrix Repeater. They’re not made anymore and might be hard to find.

hasn’t boss done one in their classic compact pedal size? somthing like ‘digital looper’ or somthing. ??

howz about korg kaospad 3, seems that it has somekind of repeater funktio.

:yeah: camel

woah! the dude is :D funny!

$400 bucks on the kaospad… hmmmmmmmmmmmm (strokes goatee)

-get a kaoss pad 2 off ebay - round about 80-100 quid (100-200$)

Go google for a Boss SP-303. A friend of mine has this one and it is a perfect little phrase/loop sampler with enough effects and all. Might be exactly what your gf needs.…1QQcmdZViewItem

i had a yamaha su-700 sampler,but i sold it,and im kinda sad that i did,as it was a nice tool

yeah… i played with one of those at a music store about 10 years ago and had a lot of fun with it. i found em on ebay too after i made my original post and i was considering it highly. it looks like this might be the ticket! thanks looza :)