Good ideas for note-off layer in keyzones?

(GarrettWang) #1

Does anyone have any good ideas about how to use the note-off layer in keyzones?
What would you normally place there…are there any more unusual usages?

(Zer0 Fly) #2

it is good for adding string or drum “note stop sounds”, i.e. if something was vibraring, a sound of something touching it to mute the sound. I.e. I used it for a finger plucked e-bass instrument, putting plops of the string being muted with the hand. It can add to realism.

Also in the synthetic realm there can be cool use cases. For example having a lead sound, and putting to the note-off layer a sample of the sound making a sharp pluck, an octave or two higher than the initial sound…

(GarrettWang) #3

Thanks those ideas really let me undrstand how to think about using the note off layer.
Any other ideas?

I was thinking maybe somehow making a looping stutter type thing with volume fade, triggered by note-off. Maybe a pitch slide down or up with volume fade or any of the filters movement

Adding the sound of things being muted sounds good, probably could do some sort of artificial sounding ‘cymbal stops’ or things other than strings being muted…gongs, anything that isvibrating and can be muted. vibraphone? gamelan?

a tuned jaw harp instrument with finger muting triggered by note off - might be one of the best synths ever…could have layers in keyzones note-on section for the different vowel sounds… good idea thanks

Or muting vibrating things with something metal, like a coin or thimble or somethin that would rattle a bit…something that also vibrates and makes a more obvious ‘muting’ sound, other than just the original vibration stopping.

Instruments which have an upstroke and a downstroke like shakers of various types or tambourines of various types

I guess I would not want a decay phase, would want to go straight from sustained note to note-off layer…lots of ways to think about