Good "learner" MIDI keyboard for a guy completely new to keyboarding?

Hi there - I am a born/bred tracker. I learned on FastTracker 2 and now use Renoise in a semi (very semi) pro capacity. However, I feel that I’m missing out on something pretty big by only knowing how to ‘track’ as opposed to compose using expressions, chords etc that could be rapidly reproduced or tinkered with on a keyboard.

So…let’s say I want to learn to play keyboard (not sure on distinguishing piano and keyboard; mainly just want to open my mind to new musical/melodic/harmonic/chord-progression possibilities).

Do any of you have a recommendation for a “learner” MIDI keyboard to learn from, especially if you’ve had personal experience with it?
Any info and suggestions are welcome.
Thank you so much for your time.

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If you want to learn the right way buy a weighted midi keyboard or even better a piano so you can use it without a pc.I have my eyes on this Yamaha P-121 it can be used as midi controller also,it is the best option at this price point.If you just want a midi keyboard i recently bought an Alesis vi61 but it is not fully weighted it is semi-weighted but very nice keybed and a good controller for just 200 euro.Youtube is your friend you can learn practically anything from there for free.This is my number one channel for learning the piano

And these wonderful people for music theory- production

Have a Merry Christmas

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Thank you so much for your reply. I will definitely check out the Youtube videos and the aforementioned keyboard. I appreciate all the information you shared. : )
Cheers and happy New Year.

Disagreeing respectfully with @stoiximan above-- weighted keys are mostly for piano players and are overkill for most producers. Any keyboard will come with a learning curve so odd probably advise you to get something the right size and price for you first. I like having a variety of input types on my Korg Taktile – keys, drum pads, sliders and knobs – for controlling a variety of parameters. I have the 49 key but it’s so big I can’t keep it on my desk permanently, so you might like a smaller keyboard like a 25 key style.

I have three Roli Blocks that I wouldn’t recommend for tracking - they’re MPE enabled which Renoise doesn’t support-- but they make a proper "learning keyboard " that actually teaches you to play via an app and light up keys


This is awesome. I was hoping I can get by with something that is not 49 keys. I have an older m audio keyrig that I never learned how to play, and can’t really situate because of weight / space constraints now. Say, would you mind if I message you with a couple of questions?

Sure thing, happy to help. You can message me via the forums.

On one point I could’ve been clearer – I really love the Korg Taktile 49 that I have and it DOES come in a 25-key version. Over the years I’ve been very tempted to trade it out.