Good practice re-making songs?

As i’m a beginner i’m wondering what you guys think about remaking existing songs as a practice?

I’m sure some of you guys done this!

Am I right?

Yeah sometimes it’s nice to attempt doing something like that.
Just to get an idea of how to create a certain mood or style and also for the challenge of getting the instruments matching.
I usually don’t release those training-songs. But here is a rare one i did release:

Yeah of course, especially if you’re all out of ideas for composing something new… which happens to me a lot lately :confused: Sometimes i’ll add my own ideas, and little by little change it to the point that it does turn into an original tune, or at least parts of it =)

Vv: nice sounds in that one, especially the lead synth! The tune sounds vaguely familiar, but i can’t remember where it’s from…

when I am out of ideas, I usually remake my very old songs I did when I was using FastTracker, starting from the XM file loaded into Renoise. The starting is quite tedious since I have to rearrange all the notes in tracks and groups, but then the fun starts: experiment with new instruments and try to expand melodies and structure.

I usually manage to complete these kind of projects and release the new song; sometimes they are similar to the original, but most of the times new parts emerge from the old structure and a couple of times the new length of the song resulted to be three times bigger than the original…!

I started out not doing any remixes or covers, but have been doing more and more recently. I think it is really good production practice as it gives you more experience reproducing certain sounds and/or moods. Now, I try to do a balance of original stuff and remixes/covers. I have also started using poetry of others as lyrics in original music. This allows me to focus on the aspects of production that I am more interested in rather than lyric writing. Just some thoughts…most important part is just having fun and doing what you like. :D

I believe in doing covers (which I’d expect most people to keep private) as a way of staying “in shape” and practicing, as well as for figuring out your own way to create a certain sound.

Although there are always exceptions, if a person is to release a cover I would expect some attempt to alter the original material to suit the person making the cover- I’m disappointed when I hear a 1:1 cover, even if it’s a difficult song with all the notes right.

Where’s that old Hunz .xrns album download when you need it :unsure:

Is it still available for download somewhere??? I’d love to have a look!

That’s so weird! It’s a tune I’ve had in my head for days as this horrible British winter drags on… It’s The Korgis - Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime. There’s been looooads of house/trance remixes of it though. Marc et Claude did probably the most famous ones around 2000 :)