Good Standalone Vsti Host?

Hi, could you please suggest me a standalone VSTi host for Windows, maybe even supporting MIDI input?
I’m looking for one because I think it could be the best way for using Windows VSTis on Linux (I’m a Linux user).
Just for test, I tried running Windows version of Renoise with Wine and used some VSTi’s and it was working really well (just slow) so other VSTi host should work too :-).

Steinberg V-Stack.

there is a nice vst host called “vst host” ;)

Thank you all, unfortunately, none of these works for me with Wine… But I got Windows VSTs working with FST program for Linux :P
And I have just one more question… Is it possible to render somehow sound coming from from external MIDI programs? I assume that standard Renoise’s rendering doesn’t work because the sound goes directly to the soundcard so Renoise can’t catch it…

Usually external sources have to be rendered separately.
However this feature request is on the to-do list to incorporate them during the rendering process.