Good Tracking Omens

for example, whenever you look at the clock and it is either 3:03, 8:08, or 9:09. you are supposed to kiss the clock and then it will give you good tracking energy!!! it doesn’t work if you wait for it though, you have to just randomly look at the clock at those times without thinking about it.

what are some of your tracking omens? :D

Yes! i feel the same when i see my clock at 3:03 or 9:09!

I don´t understand why… but when it´s supposed i should be studying for my exams i hear the call of renoise… and always got something great.

Now i´m having exams and i should be studying rigth now! (and i have an outstanding piece of work at renoise)

So, when i am stressed with exams i renoise, and i´m renoising now.

*me slaps himself and tries to get back to the books

skip pattern 13!
the 13th pattern always messes up. You have to program it, and then delete the pattern and start again at 14

or else!


Always right after a stress-indulged situation, I track tracks like nobody’s fookin business.
I’m very glad it’s always AFTER the situation, although such moments in time and
space demand me to make music during examperiods… which I don’t deem stressful, alas…
it would save me a lot of trouble if they did… but like Klez, the best tracks come at the worst moments.

Like it is a habit of mine to get home on a saturday/sunday morning and … shit, I wanna try
something in Renoise… and all of a sudden it’s a saturday/sunday afternoon and I DEFINATELY
should be getting some sleep …

Occasionally, once in 42 blue moons, I will have an apparation… a blue figure will appear before me… like an alien spreadsheet… it has “GUS 0000k” engraved above dancing lines… and eerie sounds protrude from it’s being…

triiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn… starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzze!!!

then, I go home, fire up Renoise, and the coolest pattern I’ve ever tracked comes out! … too bad for me I can never get past that first pattern :(

When you just enter some notes into a pattern, almost at random and it turns out to actually sound good :D

When I can’t make new patterns fast enough.

07:27 is my reacurring one…
19:42 is also one that comes up often. :S

the other day, i saw 8:08, 3:03, and 9:09 all in the same day!!! this must be great!

20:12 for me, I guess it’s because of what I heard about 2012 becoming the true end of the world (according to Nostradamus and calendar years being adjusted to make the true year he was thinking of). Makes me think sh*t, better get this tune finished then!
Another are mistakes that actually sound better than you meant :)

But the most important one for me is getting to the point where you are nodding vigourously to it, that automatically tells me it will be a track that gets finished.

If its quiet outside, if the wind is calm, the nature is at peace so to speak, thats when i really feel the renoise spirit possess me.

skip pattern 13? heh, nice one.

When you’ve got loads of work to do, and something pops into your head. So you think, I’ll just fire up Renoise and sketch this quick drum pattern down or whatever, only to find yourself 5 hours later with a finished track and no ‘real’ work done.

The lesson here then, is whenever you get a mere spark of an idea - DO IT NOW!

Just as Klez said: When you really should do something better, like studying or sleeping - you get a really good idea in the shower and just have to spend some hours on it :)

Amphetamine -> FAST tracking

Dexedrine -> legal :w00t:

lol, i tried that once only to find myself 3 days later with a sore ass from sitting on the chair. Amp might speed up your tracking but its not recommended at all, atleast not by me, besides its certainly not a tracking omen :D

The best omen for me is not wanting to do anything else when you track. Not opening a browser, not checking Steam, not turning on the xbox, not really wanting to get up to even go pee. :)

Its when you are slicing around the ONLY app, and your fingers feel like they are not yours and the sounds coming out of the speakers are like the new aphex twin super cool that you never made, and it is your work.

Or its when you can help other people to learn the soft and they come back with something that blows your mind. You feel like a champion