Good VST-filter needed

yeah, don’t ask why (you won’t like my answer), but i need a proper LP/HP filter. it doesn’t have to be free, but it shoud be high quality, small and fast. the simple HP/LP filter without any LFO’s and etc would be the best.

the frOhmage is quite good, though it has a special sound that not everyone might like. You need to register to get it, but the registration is free. register here!

nah… of course it’s a good filter, but i need simple HP/LP with full 0-22050hz cutoff range, and with a res of course…

this is a good filter aswell :D

bad joke, good and fast HP/LP VST filter is a big problem nowadays, try to find one, i still can’t… there are a lot of weird super-effects around, but no good filter…

ok sorry for the “badd” joke then ;)

have you tried any of these?


I do not know if any of them are good cause I havn’t tried them myself.

…but one thing that I do know is that Waldorf use to maintain a very high standard so I would be surprised if the D-Pole filter isn’t good… ;)

aaaah, I liked the “bad” joke :)

thanks for linking to vst filters.

I think the d-pole should be what you need, it can be very simple.

as i’ve said i need a simple and a FAST filter, d-pole is great, but it’s got too much of features and it’s not fast enough…

Fruity Filter & Fruity free filter worked fine in MPT. Probably do in RNS. Resonant HP,LB,BP,Notch and all that. Low on CPU…

Yes, I would prefer this thingie too. This filter is also very nice to handle and I think he’s basic enough :)

incase you’re talking about the product by opcode there, yes it’s one hell of a good filter BUT only DX if i’m not confusing something.
so are you using it with renoise?