Goodbye People

okay, I am too pissed off to explain this any further, but I will move to a new flat in 2 days which has no broadband-internet-access whatsoever and wont have for the time being. ofcourse I got this information only after I signed the fing contract (everyone told me otherwise the whole time before). which means that I will go back to a fing offline life again or maybe can rely on some f****ing 56k modem to check my mails once a week.
Its really hard because I now realize how much I rely on around-the-clock internet, and I am not talking about leeching movies/music/warez, but getting jobs/money/information I really need and staying in touch with people who are important to me one way or the other.

so I guess I wont be around much more (if at all) thanx to all and I hope I will be back sometime or maybe some miracle will happen in some sort of way and I will be able to get anything better than 56k for 2 cents a minute.

take care dudes.

and sorry for all the swearing (which this board censors anyway, I am thankful for that.)

Aw, sucks man, i also hate moving to other flats mainly because of my internet connection, takes about 3 months to get a new one, tho i dont move around that much :P

Are there no other possabilities of internet access besides modem? Satelite perhaps? Either way it sucks, and tho i dont know you i can feel your anger, take care and may the gods of fiber have mercy on your soul.

maybe you get access to one of the more uncommon broadband types if no ADSL is aviable? cable?

Good luck Looza.

Where do you guys live for it to take 3 months to get an internet connection? :)

3 months?! aargh my whole social life is on the net nowadays can’t imagine a week without it… We should print new topics from this board and send it via snail mail to looza :)

Damn. I realize how i depend on internet only when i loose it few months ago…
There are whole virtual part of my live (maybe 30-40% of real live)… And i missed it very much.
Stay on touch, man! I’m using 56k modem at home with 24/7 payment ISP scheme for 30 bux a month… And it’s just better than nothing at all !
Good luck 2 U!

I hope I won’t have the same problem when I will move to my new home on May (this is Italy, you know… :rolleyes:)

Damn looza, wish you a prompt coming back.

Guess you have the same problem that I had in Berlin, last time I moved:
The telefon company here has covered parts of the city with (what they though) high tect fiber glass. Then they noticed that its impossible to transfere DSL over it, so they had to throw away all the fiberglass and use copper everywhere again.
This took ages, and many people are still waiting here for this to be done. Guess the only solution is DSL over satelite then for you. No internet? Forget it :)

I agree, I will be moving soon and this will mean problemn with internet. However if you look at it from the bright side, you might find that you get more productive without internet :)

Btw, good bye, and hope to see you sometime again in the future.

No wireless internet opportunities around?
How about deploying your own WireLess internet service and start with your flat :D

well, it got abit better now.
the bad thing is still : the city I live in is quite hi-tech, we got dsl, cable, powerline net and all that in some parts of the city. most parts of the city are connected atleast by one way, and even the main part I live in is, but somehow I managed to move to that 50mx50m island which is in the digital stone-age (fiberglass cable (no dsl), no cable, no powerline).
satelite-dsl is out of the question, because its frigging expensive and the landlord does not allow a satelite-dish on the roof, because we have cable-tv (but no cable-internet).

however, on the bright side, this morning I learned that quite possibly I can get atleast a ISDN-Flatrate, because there is a local company offering this, so I wont be gone totally. phew. (a flatrate for ISDN/Modem connections is very uncommon and I didnt know that there was a company offering this in my city).

That’s good, I hope this means you’ll upload some new stuff one day :w00t: .

And yeah… Once my cable broke for the weekend and I spend it walking around my room trying to think what to do with myself :P.

i offer this information because of the very nice themes youve made for us (and i use, and have modified)

for windows you can use this to search for APs:

for linux:

you can use this for getting more signals at very minimum cost:

theres many many more i could list but these are some of the best free ones

i also have some sniffers and wep cracking utilities if you dont find any open APs i could link you through email,
if you would go this route a B or G would be best
B’s are good for cracking (about 12 mbps) G’s are good for speed (54mbps) but ATM are hard to crack… A’s are useless for this because not many ppl have them yet. so basically unless there are some open G’s then might as well go for a B. goodluck :D

I have a similar problem at the moment. I moved to Hamburg for a half year (studies) and found out that the minimum agreement duration for DSL is one year… Fortunately I have broadband net connection at work, but it would be still better to have an Internet connection in my flat (weekends=no net @tm). If any of you knows about a way of getting a non-satelite broadband connection in Germany (Hamburg) other than Deutsche Telecom or Arcor, please let me know.

I dont know about hamburg but up here in norway some providers offer on a non-binding term, its costs alittle more a month but you can close the deal anytime you want. Im sure you’ve got that deal down there aswell.

You could have actually watched all that pron that you downloaded while you were still online

I’ve asked about that, but the “big providers” told me that their current offer doesn’t allow for shortening the agreement or requires me to pay for the rest of the year anyway (some 200 euros) which is crap. A local provider (HansaNet) that offers non-binding deals somehow doesn’t where I live (Schenefeld). Seems there are no other options, which is hard to believe! No internet access because of some agreement bullshit! :angry: :(

lol, I don’t download porn :).

Anyway, I can’t live one day without CTGmusic…