So, since I’m leaving the scene, I’m going to give away what few songs I had in progress.
My brain is devoted to skateboarding, and where I once had great agility and passion for
chips, loops, ambient, whatever, that is gone.
Please give my children some nice homes.
You can listen to my style at http:/

My onwly request is 20% of whatever profit you make from the seeds I’m tossing out here.
The file is 38 and containes all my work, plus an album in progress.
Thanks Renoise, hpoefully I will get to hear the things I have only dreamt now that my
tunes are in the hands of tracking Gods :P

HEY if someone can give me space, I’ll go ahead and send the songs to that account.

I’ll bet you come back when Renoise 2.6 Beta is going to start…

trying to be original in a first post is always difficult, but you really managed to do it

playing Quake Live gave me the will power to finish songs :lol: yeah I know, Quake isn’t exactly skateboarding but hey, just saying, do both! skate hard, and compose while your bones heal.

Quote of the Year “2010”.

haha, thanks (isn’t it a bit early too tell though?)

make chip tunes to rock out to while skating!


fuck that bam margera jackass shit… thanks to renoise you can go way harder :guitar:

lol at the posts.
Hope you guys “get it” with respect to what I was trying to express in music.
But, lol. I just want to hear them at their full potential.