Gooduns, Trance Tune.

Ok Guys, if anyone would be willing to help me at least get a try on those charts, then please listen to and rate this!
I was making attempts at several drum & bass tracks beforehand, but couldn’t muster the urge to complete them. So, I decided to take a step back and do something simple - a trance track!

Enjoy :yeah:


  • Beginning now, kinda stuttering start.
  • beat starts: Ooh, hardtrance! Looking forward to the rest. :)
  • There we have some kinda lead. Still promising.
  • breakdown at 2:10, nice idea but out of place somehow.
  • don’t like the following minute, just a boring beat
  • break at 3:03, like the idea here too, but also slightly out of place.
  • Ahh, a bassline! My tip is; skip the whole previous minute and go straight to the bassline from there.
  • Me like strings. Too bad they stop too soon!
  • breakdown @ 4:00 a bit too soon. Push the strings a bit further! Would also work better with more fx. A smal stab here and there
  • Following buildup makes it feel like you are starting over
  • Outro @ 7:34, THIS would work perfectly as a breakdown @ 4:00, just delete that previous part and build up something that would make us all raise our hands. :)

All in all, my tip is: shorten this track. Compress the good parts into something that will sound good all the way through, you certainly can get a 4 minute long, quite enjoyable tune out of this!

IMHO, ofcorse. :)

Sagosen, thanks for you criticism. Although It initially seemed you tore it to shreds, after a listen back, I can see where you’re coming from on most points.

The initial lead definitely needs a bit of work, sticks out a bit. The breakdown at 2:10 will work better with a different sounding, less monotanous lead I feel.

You’re right about the B-line not coming in soon enough, and that one minute chunk does seem a bit inert.

I thought from the start the first set of strings needed an extra four bars, so I might add them at 3:03. Perhaps this will help make up the “inert” minute, and help the second break arrive better. Extra reverb or something will be added to the strings too.

And for the latter half, you’re once again right. An extra sound needs to be in there to make the main drop worthwhile.

I’ll give a try with the outro at the breakdown idea, but the atmospherics the bassline gives shouldn’t be discarded IMO

One issue with restructuring this song is how the timing on certain vst’s graually change from standard to shuffled timing over the main breakdown using automation, which some other vst’s don’t support, along with samples in certain places which just clash a bit… but worth working on I feel.
Is renoise capable of doing the shuffle timing? I understand the principle of it, but don’t really know how to go about accurately implementing it. Note delays & groove settings perhaps?

Thanks for taking the time Sagosen, much appreciated. I haven’t completed a track in over two years, and taking this simple step back is helping to restructure my thoughts on… structure! I’ll be working my way back up to D&B in no time with help like this!

I’ll post here again when I’ve changed it around a bit, and get those mitts in the air!

That’s what we’re here for. :) As I wrote, it’s got potential! Too much music don’t even have that.

Good luck on the re-structure, my pleasure to give comments.