Google Chrome And Jackd?????????

im sure i seen asking about this before, but does anyone know if its feasible? id like to use jammin to anlyse some of the sounds online e.g shoutcast (but only the high quality streams;-) …I WANT JACK to do everything for me to be honest, i love it. Has anyone else rigged up ProjectM to renoise yet via jack, well you should coz its F**kInG DEadlY.

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Yes it’s possible. I have Pulseaudio JACK module running; chrome can be configured to output to pulseaudio JACK sink using p/a’s volume control. I’m using Mint 8.

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nice one:-)
i better boot back into ubuntu and try this out

hmmmmm, im having trouble with this, i have the modules installed but i cant seem to load them with “pulseaudio -L module-jack-sink”…also pasuspender pauses pulse when i start qjackctl, if i try to start jack from the cmdline jack wont start because pulse is running. do i have to add the modules to a pulseaudio conf file so they are loaded at boot-time?

!!!, WAIT, I GOT IT, sweet as hell.:slight_smile:
I had to un-comment out a line in “/etc/pulse/damon.conf” to allow module loading. Then I rebooted. I started jackd - alsa from the cmdline, then from another cmdline i ran “pacmd” and loaded the module with “load-module module-jack sink”, then just like you said, in pavcontrol you can set the output of chrome to “jack-sink” .man that is deadly, how stable have you found it, does it work with all programs? is it worth making it permanent?

thanks for the heads up on this :slight_smile:

No worries, glad you got up and running. I have it permanently set up. Sometimes pulseaudio-jack glitches out, but what I find happens JACK continues to run. The odd time it freaks out isn’t enough for me to worry about.

I got the pulseaudio-jack module working with jackd 1.9x too. I tried installing from Synaptic, but it complained about dependencies, so I just manually installed the package using sudo dpkg -i --ignore-depends=libkjack0 <pathtopackagename.deb>

You might be interested to see how my setup works… I posted about it here:

And this might be useful too…

I’ve found qjackctl seems to be the problem with glitches, running jackd from the cmdline instead and using Patchage to do routing has made this setup pretty flawless.:slight_smile:
jamin’s spectrum doesnt update fast enough, but chrome is now routed into renoise instead:-)