Google Chrome Os Is Going To Fail.



dude its only the begining. =)

LOL What, there’s more bad news coming? LOL

im sure that in future renoise will work on chrome os =)

In the future, it might be that Renoise will be downloadable on optimized platform ISO cd’s.
Indamixx is the first step on the ladder.

as long as Renoise will be about making music and not about putting Youtube links on Facebook, I don’t think that Renoise could run on one of these devices

Hey man, say what you want about Google Chrome OS, but Simon was a kickass game! :D

how does programs get ported to this platform? emulation or are there compilers for it?

it isn’t designed for most of the things I use a computer for, but it will be an EXCELLENT solution for my parents. sweet lord, i cannot wait to end the tech support.

They don’t.

This thing targets a specific subset of users. Those who use the internet, web apps, and nothing else.

I don’t really get it, to be honest. I’ve been online since 1990, been using computers since 1980. I understand that things have changed, but “dumb terminals” existed in the 70s. This is not a new idea. In fact, kind of reminds me of all those “FREE AOL ONLINE” cds from the late 90s.

This OS is all about selling phones, other phone like gadgets, and services.

The paradigm of this OS assumes that the current incarnation of “being online” is permanent. But, history says the opposite.

Most importantly, Renoise will not be a web app any time soon. :slight_smile:

aha, ok. thanks for the explanation. read up on it abit. not a new concept but the old concept really isn’t a bad one.

if it’s easy to setup the renoise trial version so people can plug into it via this service then i think it would be great. lots of free publicity. probably wouldn’t work too great for recording in real time due to latencies but for programming it could work great.

edit: hmmm, plugins and uploading samples and such would be a bit of problem i guess.

The main issue I have with it is that the files don’t get stored on the local machine. The secondary issue is that if you lose your connection for a moment, you can’t save and in some cases can’t even continue working on something.

As far as being good for people who don’t know much about computers, believe it or not, setting up someone with a good Linux distribution and installing the programs people will be using, I think, is a much better idea.

the session is still open on that remote machine though? i’d guess you just reconnect. depending on the application, my guess is that you can save a local copy if you want to.

concerning the lost connection thing, some parts of the HTML5 specifications are designed to allow webapps to run offline, with sessions and all the shit.

The monoplist dont want you save your work local ;o)

It is like an angry collecting information machine and nothing can´t stop by now.

Google far more dangerous than you can expecting!

Yes exactly.

did you mean project indamixx are targeted to collect a group of programms and optimize it in one os in which will be only that group and nothing else?

Something like that…
But i think a netbook or notebook remains the ultimate portable soundstudio anyway…

Mmmmm… I’ve been thinking about Chrome OS this week too.

I think they really have a niche market as Conner_Bw said. There are lots of people who only use a computer for chat, browsing, mail, sharing pictures. And to this kind of people it will be great to use such a simple interface. They are not worried about storing docs, mails, etc in “the cloud”. That is something very convenient.

Now it’s more difficult to stay disconnected, soon it will be almost impossible to live offline.

Anyway, I liked the video :D

I think it is mind boggling, I think they could see the future like not many…

The real killer app for these Chrome OS devices would be a service like, if such isn’t available then I doubt these Chrome OS machines will take off in a big way as the apps they can run will be more limited. And they really need to be able to save locally no matter what.

But the future is fast wireless internet, so just imagine that you can have a really really low powered and extremely thin computer with superb battery life, and very cheap, and yet you can still play “crysis”, watch movies and whatnot on it, and you can take it everywhere. It’s also called a phone, but having a keyboard and larger screen could be more comfortable hehe… exciting times!

It’s going to be interesting to see if services like onlive will take off, it could kill the entire video game console industry, the hardware that is… Maybe this is why Nvidia is concentrating on the supercomputing aspect, they probably hope to power the cloud some day. But I’m guessing we’re still a few years away from getting there.