Google Wave

I thought since Renoise users are obsessed with workflow and technology, some might be interested in this. Google just had their developer conference in my town of San Francisco (though I didn’t go), and they unveiled a preview of this thing:

The video from the convention is REALLY long, but basically some of their geniuses invented a kind of “sequel” to email. It’s like Gmail + instant message (bug even more real-time) + wiki + docs all in one. It’s not just a Google service too, it’s an open protocol (like email). The software will all be open source too. It’s based on XMPP for those who know what that is. Conversations are in one central place on a server, contrasting with SMTP. There will be a gateway to email too, so your email can “forward” to your wave account… possibly making your email account useless.

Gaaaaaahhhh can’t sleep can’t stop thinking about it… you have to watch the vid to get the full effect, if you have the time! :] Anyone else heard of / excited about this?

The system seems very smart, for office tools it is a great invention…
The demonstration does however not yet show examples using live streaming audio and video (conferencing tools), this would make home- conferencing a bit easier as well.

The real-time translation alone will render an entire sector without a job.

Great, what we need is another definition of the word “wave.”

Everyone will undoubtedly shorten it to gWave … not to be confused with goldwave :P

Well at least Renoise already imports “wave” files… unfortunately not those.

I heard the guy say “embedded wave” and I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

but this thing seems really awesome.

If the spell-checker works the same way on every language during the translation ( i suspect that it checks generic used phrases against the typed material and then applies the changes) i think we have a good prototype of a finished Babylon’s tower here.

Actually, since the documents support xml, perhaps Renoise can embed a co-op transcript robot that allows doing a co-op project across the net.

They’re not ready to start adding video yet, but considering that Gmail integrated voice/video, it’s not inconceivable for the future.

I dunno how many people would go jobless. I mean nothing will ever beat a human professional brain (not soon, anyway). But still, here’s their 5-minute showing just how freaky its capabilities are:

I know, another 4-letter word in tech, right? But actually I find the word “wave” very soothing, especially compared to “email” or “instant message”. I could easily get used to it. Don’t worry, language is most often disambiguated by context…

That is kinda cool. I doubt I’ll use it, I hate the internet.

edit: But then again, idk. Maybe.

Hey, let’s meat tomorrow!

That’s funny, because I’ve used google that way for a while. If I’m in doubt about how to use a particular word or sentence, I will simply google it, and, based on the number of results, decide which one is the most probable answer. No dictionary needed.