Googly Moogly (josh Console Remix)

So, it’s a remix of Project Pat… The original was roughly 77bpm so it was primed and ready for a double time work out.

All arrangement done in Renoise using a few samples i’ve f****ed around with in Adobe Audition.

:w00t: >> Right Click > Save Target As… << :w00t:

There’s also the Spankrock remix that i posted here a while ago on my newly redesigned ( :P ) website

Safe. :ph34r:

Hehe, nice. I haven’t heard the original, but this is a fun track.

Very nice arrangement, good breaks (especially the funny special sound effects, good timed with the vocals), grooving lines and fresh bass. :)

Really good track!

Thanks :) I like it

what…the…fck… @ the lyrics???


fcking sweet beat that comes in around 1:20, reminds me of UK garage stuff from about 5 years ago, which happens to be one of my favourite genres… nice and steppy.


cheers. The lyrics are great :lol: love garage

nice :lol:

Nicely produced fun track!

Compress n Bring the Vocals up!!! They seem to be burried a little too much into the backing.