Got 7 minutes to waste ?

Edit: Reup

That was not a waste of time, and you should be ashamed of yourself for promoting yourself in that way.

I was definitely sure it was gonna be a “TL;DL” judging by the title but it was quite a nice listen actually. Perhaps the mix could be more polished (more hi end?) but I’m on shitty speakers so can’t be sure. I’d add a couple more ambient noises/pads in the 2nd part of the middle section. It became a bit monotone after 3.30’ish. Outro was great until the beats came back :P Not sure why they did.

Other than that, I like it. Nice work.

Thanks for listening - it`s a draft, a bunch of ideas throw together. Will do some rearrange and remove the birds (dunno where they came from). High end is tricky for me - my headphones sweeten highs to the max.

Oncea gain - thank you for your time

Definitely not waste of time! Good job, I like the beats, the way it was built. This kind of song is not my cup of tea, but on the other hand, the bass got my attention! Keep it up, dude! :)

Seeing you re-upped it, giving it another spin. The mixdown sounds more polished this time. Perhaps to the point high end being a little bit overdone ^^ It clips noticeably in the intro and rather badly after 4:50’ish. Gotta keep an eye on the levels there on that pad. Perhaps try a softer limiting in those sections using automation or something. Or maybe turn down everything a couple db’s before it hits the limiter. Sounds like the tune could afford to lose some loudness after all.

It still kinda takes too long until it gets to the melodic section. Which strikes me as the main idea of the song. Perhaps I’m approaching your arrangement with a more mainstream point of view but it sounds like you have 3 intros or something. Not sure how I’d do it different though as it still sounds coherent somehow. This probably didnt help at all but oh well :P

Definitely sweet tune though. Except the clipping on the pads.

@Elsekiss - thanks - more bassy stuff comming up

@emre_k - i will check loudness issues with the fresh head as soon as i finish my new piece. Btw - idea was to make 10min of intros only :) no mainstream here. Appreciate your input - quality stuff on your soundcloud account.