Got A Couple New Ones…n_the_Ridge.mp3
This one is sort of 70’s yes-like…y_Grey_Wolf.mp3
This one is a 13/8 smooth jazz piece that needs to be modified to not sound so “quantized”

Renoise 1.5 kicks a**! Absolutely the best!

And here is an uncompleted song that at one point I liked bits of and now I really don’t care. It’s a rar of the rns file. Do what you want with it–if anyone can get anything from it to put into their own song, go for it.…com/reflux.mp3

Whadduya know, I’ve got another song up…

Musically these are interesting, but when it comes to the sound… Only small changes should be made tho, try to spread the instruments around in stead of placing everything in the middle and expanding some sounds with reverb/delay/stereoexpansion. :)

For example, on reflux: I really find the sound interesting from the start up to when the flute enters (you surely can find a better instrument than that).

Oh, and less is more. :)

It’s a good idea to spread out the instruments a little more, do a little bit of panning.

The thing I struggle with the most is trying to find the right instrument. I get lots of musical ideas, but I end up just using some of my standard midi instruments because all I can find out there on the net are sample clips that are large enough to play a melody themselves (which is just something I don’t do), cheap-sounding short synthy samples that remind me of a C64, or bell-like sounds that belong in Christmas music.

The sound I was particularly disappointed on the song Acid Reflux is the extra-fake sounding electric guitar instrument–I like the bite that the sound has, but I don’t know what else to use that has that kind of a bite.

If any of you know of somewhere I can get a hold of some good instrument samples–singular notes not samples of melodies–I would be quite appreciative. :)

Thank you for the input! :)…

Well, here’s another new one. I don’t completely know how to categorize this one so I put it into downtempo. If someone knows a better genre to put this under, please let me know.

Out of the songs I’ve recently put up, I think my favorite is definately “In The Ridge”. It has the least-sequenced sound to it.

Ah, the samples… <_<

Lacking them is a huge problem for many, kills the inspiration for me! Check this thread for some downloading and see if you find anything worthwhile. Other than that, IK multimedia sampletank has a free version that’s quite nice to have on board, and the big pack may cost a bundle but is very good!!! :)

Keep making, build a big sample-archive man!

Thank you so much. Those sites had a lot of good samples on them. Excellent.

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