Got An Album Out Today On Acroplane!

Ey, thought I’d drop a heads up on an album of mine that got released today through the netlabel Acroplane recordings. The album mix consists out of a selection from my slower (<140 bpm) work that I’ve made between 2005-2010. As bonus there are remix tracks from Renoise users Vivace, Charly Linch and bonus tracks from Mountain (=Candlestickmaker) and Acroplane’s own wAgAwAgA.

Download the album here:

Some of the tracks have already spammed here years ago, some are new, I suggest you check it out! :)

Low-bitrate youtube examples:

ffing luvely! :)

thanks and big up! :)


Very nice, the preview sounds fat. Gonna dl this. :)

Thank you very much.

congrats Jonas!
played this in full tonight, i have to say this sounds like a fantastic album.
love the ambience intermissions in between as well.
even the bonus tracks are great :)

and WOW… 28 tracks, all at once (?).
it’s a friggin double album B)


This is a huge album man!!
I wish I could be that productive and maintain the quality!
“1op” is an instant classic :yeah:

Freaking awesome, lots of different flavours, lots of highlights, lots and lots of win!!! Thanks for sharing this with the planet man, absolutely awesome

awesome! listened through it here at work today and enjoyed it!

i lold when i read the title “neptoon” after thinking “reminds me a bit of n.e.r.d.'s lapdance” about the first track. xD

Aw-shucks ;)

Thnks for the kind words guys! Glad the compilation is appreciated :)

Yep, neptunes samples ftw!

nice! powerchipwobbles, sparkling sonicdrops and snappy flipfloppercussions.
Dank je wel!

Niets te danken!

By the way, I’m compiling a more wonky, jungly fast album at the moment that will be released somewhere in July. Also a vinyl coming out with the savons track from the acroplane release this summer. Will increase the spam when due :)

Was just looking for this thread in the Song section but it’s not there :P

You know it’s just a little too long for a CD? Although so much stuff is digital download these days I would still personally try and keep to CD length (72 minutes for a standard although most people buy 80 min CDs.)

Good stuff though. On more of a chilled electronica vibe than I thought it would be from listening to bits and pieces from you over the years. Nicely varied and your sound has definitely matured a lot since what I heard from you from a few years ago (which I liked for its ideas but didn’t sound anywhere near so polished) and nice to hear a couple of your location recording types bits worked in there for transitions and stuff (or am I mistaken?) Lot of good stuff out on Arcoplane too so good net label to get it out on in my opinion.

Thanks for sharing your musics :)

…i really enjoy this album…some songs are way too much dark for myself…but most of them are really beautiful…

…you have a new fan here !

…any other early/future release that we should know about ???

…peace ! :drummer:

I love it man! Well, 1op and c33, I’m going to listen to the whole album later next week but it sounds great already!

Yes… you should!
check out his discogs-page and check the post of jonas. (5 posts above this)