Got Some Cabinet Presets?


right now we don’t have default presets for the new Cabinet FX in 2.5. If you’ve made some, it would be great if you could share them with us, so that we can build some nice default presets for everyone.

To do so, simply save the presets as files and attach them here.

Thanks for sharing!

lets get ball rolling.
this my first one to make more crispy dirty beats.

but hey! how do you attach files to posts?!

i think it works in general with everything (try in master track)
so lets get it called: dirty dude

ps. i soooooo love this new cabinet simulator. cheers & beers!!!

©rapidshare isn’t working for me again. :( says there’s no more slots available


Was disabled for this forum. Should work now…

“Upload failed. You are not permitted to upload a file with that file extension.”

Edit: I tried both .xrdp and .xrnt

I’m particularly interested in cabinet presets with lots of high end definition

heres some presets i made

more will come

783 classic_tube_clean.xrdp

784 clean_stack.xrdp

785 mild_combo.xrdp

786 thick_modern_clean.xrdp


Edit: Re-uploaded, changed gain and wet mix to 50%

I throw in some for drums:

nice presets taktik.
come on people share your presets

i will make some more