GPU Audio FREE Plugin Updated with AMD Support

Hi all,
Chris from GPU Audio here to tell you that the latest version of our FREE FIR Convolution Reverb now supports AMD! (along with some other updates). We’ve worked closely with AMD to make this happen, with some exceptionally complex technical challenges given the AMD architecture.

This means that in addition to the full support and partnership of NVIDIA, we can now bring highly tuned processing power of GPUs to millions of new audio workstations, producers and musicians.

Note this is still an early access release so for AMD users, it’s essential to follow the install steps provided in the readme file available here.

Supported AMD GPUs by Architecture:

Vega* Navi 1X Navi 2X
navi21 (gfx1030)
navi22 (gfx1031)
navi23 (gfx1032)
navi10 (gfx1010)
navi14 (gfx1012)
vega20 (gfx906)
vega10 (gfx900)

Jun 2017 Jul 2019 Nov 2020
Radeon RX Vega/Radeon VII(7nm)
Radeon RX 5000
Radeon RX 6000

*Vega isn’t “officially supported” yet, but can still be tested.

A Beta Suite of plugins is nearing completion and will be released in the coming weeks - with Apple support well on the way. Download the updated Early Access plugin for FREE here:

We spoke to Sonicstate at NAMM if you’d like more general knowledge on GPU audio:

Join our Discord Channel for weekly AMAs, bug reporting and feedback, and check out our Youtube Channel for the latest information and tech interviews.

If you’re interested in developing for the platform, we have an SDK in development, which you can sign up to receive here

We’d love to know what you think!

Chris [midierror]

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This looks interesting, but I don’t know how you can call it “the world’s first and only GPU-based audio processing technology” when Csound has had GPU opcodes since 2013.


Where does it say that?

It says it on the early access page you linked. Apparently the home page has different copy (“the world’s first full production suite of GPU-powered DSP plugins”).

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hi, i signed up for the SDK few weeks ago, and never heard back. :slight_smile:

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You’re right, thanks for letting me know. I’m not sure that IS correct… I will look into it.

We’re the first FULL STACK technology, but definitely not the first

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Ah yeah, I know it’s in development - did you gate a confirmation email or anything?

I didn’t get a reply or any confirmation mail after filling in the google form then, I gave it another try now, still no e-mail confirming, only the screen saying “the form was sumbitted”

(for ref, the mail i used to sign up with ends with “”, and looks like my forum username. sorry for the dupe, you can clear my 1st registration attempt)

Thanks :slight_smile: