Grab a plugin with track effects?


Just got back to playing with Renoise a bit - tried to render a plugin to samples, but I can’t come up with a way to include track effects to the render.

This is important, because I crafted a chain uses MIDI velocity to control some of the parameters dynamically in a drum synth that doesn’t have too much modulation options to begin with.

Can this be done?


Yep. Solo the track, open the render dialog, render selection in sequence if it’s more than one pattern long. If it’s less than one pattern in length, it’s quicker to select the note(s) you want to render, right click, render selection

Thanks! Gtocha, so no creating layered multi-sampled instruments this way, gotta use the pattern renderer to include track fx. Gonna be a lot more manual labour. Gotta check on TX16Wx’s autosampler first to see if it can do some of that for me. I could take a peek at Redux or route audio virtually to other daw from Renoise, since I believe Renoise can’t route audio to a VST instrument.

I’d check out modfxrender and samrender tools as well. They might prove useful. I barely use VSTs, so I’m probably not the most knowledgeable user when it comes to such things. I usually just use the plugin grabber if I’m using a vst then do my fx chains in the instrument fx section. It’s much more powerful and flexible than track fx. Easy parallel and multiband processing and complex modulation, etc

Renoise instruments can be super powerful, so depending on your source material and how dynamically it needs to behave, you’re generally better off resampling, imo

Others feel differently, of course :upside_down_face:

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Yea I used to be a heavy tracker user in the 90’s and early 2000’s, but despite years gone nothing comes close to Renoise in that respect, it’s a mad sound design tool.

I’m looking at this to get samples out of VST’s, to save CPU cycles and, the foremost, to be able to manipulate them with pattern commands and get into the tracker workflow. But I’d like to be able to import those samples into other software as well and there I’d need to have the Renose modulations printed on the waves. Layering and resampling drum hits would be another use case.

Redux might get me playing Renoise stuff on another DAW, but I still don’t have the samples to mingle with.

@slujr Alrighty I’ve gone and done inspecting those tools you mentioned - modfxrender doesn’t render VST instruments, only sample based ones, and samrender gives no benefit on automatically creatong a multi-sampled, velocity-layered instrument over rendering straight outta pattern editor. So I guess I’m gonna have to do it manually or use another DAW and ReWire/VAC/ReaRoute to do it with TX16Wx.

Thanks for pointing out those tools anyway, they may come handy another time!

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right on. I’m sure you know that the plugin grabber will multisample with velocity and pitch steps, but alas, does not contain an option (afaict) to render post track fx…

this would certainly be a useful addition for a future update. I wonder if a tool could be scripted to do this? Seems potentially attainable :upside_down_face:

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I’m totally down with using that scripted tool, but my scripting skills don’t exist so gonna stay at the user side. I’d love to see fx chains in plugin instruments, that would put sound design within Renoise on steroids when using simple plugins. And I love simple plugins!

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