Grace Notes?

Okay, I’m allowed one dumb question a month. :)

Is there a way to program grace notes? I looked in in depth and in the offline tutorial stuff and I can’t find info on it.

well this is more a strange than a dumb question :)

trackers differ from score editors because they can store information about interpretation (id est: volume data) and exact position of notes in time.

in this sense, the information provided by grace notes can be exactly reproduced in the patternm but there is no explicit grace note command.

If I understand “grace note” as a glide from a non-essential note to an essential note, you can (for example) do this:

C#5xx 00 – ----
C-5 xx – -- 05yy

where xx is the instrument number, and yy is the glide speed. The more different the two notes are in pitch, the higher yy must be to actually “reach” the essential note.

The sound only actually begins on the second of the two notes.

The most important thing about grace notes is that they are played very shortly before the main note, so you have to do one of the following if you use grace notes regularly:

1 - Use high speed. Usually trackers double or triple the speed and expand the pattern. This way you can enter grace notes very tight before the main note without messing up the tempo.

2 - Use 0Dxx for the grace notes. It delays the triggering of the note, so it gets closer to the next note.

Hey, thanks for the replies. I guess I should have provided a little context. I’m writing a piece at 117, speed 6. I recorded a lead synth for a track and the pattern sequencer isn’t providing enough variation for a few of the notes to make it sound like I want. I was thinking there might be a timing offset or somesuch so that I could emulate a grace note.

I’ll try to the two tricks mentioned and see if that approximates what I am looking for. I could, of course, double the BMP and edit the patterns but that seems like way too much work for a couple edits (I’d also have to redo the automation).

I was just surprised that this topic wasn’t covered in the tutorials (maybe it is and I just couldn’t find it) – it seems like such a common thing. However, I’m new to trackers – loving it so far – so I recognize that it’s a different paradigm and I have to work differently.

As I alreadysaid, 0Dxx is what you’re looking for.

Thanks for coming back. Yeah, that worked. It’s difficult to tell from a response whether it will work like you imagined or not. What I meant was that I was looking in the menu for a “note offset” function. Now that I know what the delay does, I’m sure I’ll use it more. It wasn’t a comment on the advice, it was just trying to articulate what, as a new fairly new user, I was looking for.