Grado Sr80 Headfones

Hi there!

So my headphones finally broke. :walkman: They were a pair of really bad quality, both soundwise and structure, which is why they broke. Soundwise, well, let’s just blame them for the bad music I make.

But that’s all going to change! :dribble:

I’ve read up on Grado SR80 headphones and they’ve gotten so good reviews all over the net that I’ve decided to buy a pair.

But first, are there anyone in here who’ve tried them?
And are they any good?

I´m sure these are cheaper:

Also 20hz - 20Khz
Impedance: 64 Ohm (instead of 32 of Grado´s)

i´m getting these headphones next week (my old pair broke last week also)

Hey, thanks for the advice!

Before you buy them though you should read this…item=behhpx2000

I haven’t listened to the Grados but I did manage to get hold of the Sony mdr 7506 headphones off ebay not too long ago. Had to wait about 2 months for them to ship over from the US and they were second hand but they only cost only £40 inc postage and they sound amazing. They’re closed back too, so they cut out most background noise. I believe the Grados are open, meaning computer whirring and such will be much more audible.

I’d prefer open headphones, they tend to be more comfortable for long sessions, i would rather remove the background noise if possible, like moving into a loghome deep forest :D

I have Sennheiser HD 570 and like them very much, even though i’m on my second broken cable, and they have begun to rattle on sub bass (Due to my drunk brother misuse of them :angry: ). But i’ll get HD 600/650 next time for its comfort and great sound, they are not cheap though :( But i use the headphones alot, so that’s okay.

Sorry for not providing Grados info (just felt like working for Sennheiser for a moment :D), but i’ve read about them and for normal music work the sound should be great. If it was’nt for my absolute satisfaction with the HD570, i would definately go to a music store and try the lot out, since headphones are so different, and what some like others don’t.

Sennheiser high end headphones

I agree with open headphones being more comfortable, I’ve used closed headphones before, while mixing cd’s, and they make my head feel like it’s about to explode (vacuum-like).

But Grado’s are expensive, if there’s any headphones out there that are as good as them (or better) at a more reasonable price, I’ll buy them instead…

My PC makes alot of noise, but I’m not sure if I’m going to buy closed headphones still… Maybe I’ll just buy a more silent fan for the pc.

These are also a nice version of the classic AKG240 originally designed in 1974, which are still made, sold and used today. The money you spend on these will probably last through 10 pairs of behringers, provided you don’t use them when drunk!!

Never master music with headphones…

I have 240 studios which are are semi-open design and only 32 ohms impedance (good for using with my echo indigo soundcard). They sound lovely -but not ina disco smile way :)