Grain Of Life

Here is something else, a hypnotic piece (with a beat!)

Tthe recordings in the background are more or less unedited takes from my trip to the Dover Lane festival in Calcutta, january 2010.
This is also my first song done entirely by using aliases :)

very nice song. what are aliases?

See the Pattern Matrix documentation

Pattern Matrix: Alias Blocks

Looooove it! :P

Has quite a Burial-esque vibe in many places. Really lovely stuff :)

Very nice and relaxed piece here, love the percussion especially and overall the song has a great light feel to it. Would’ve downloaded it if i could.

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated :slight_smile:

@dBlue: that’s funny, I wouldn’t quote Burial as an inspiration, but now that you mention it … the noises certainly add atmosphere :slight_smile:

@Beatslaughter: if I was absolutely sure that this was a final version, I would enable downloads. Not quite there yet :wink: