Grain time stretch as a sample command

So umm, it would be nice to have grain stretch as a sample command, like SS ⋆° for shortening and SL ⋆° for lenghtening where ⋆ are count of grains (per tick) and ° are length of grains (relative to length of the tick). Not very sophisticated but would handle most of cases where someone would like to fix unfitting samples, right ?



Would be great to have stretching through pattern commands!


yes, would be dope. although sample warping in the waveform editor would be great, too

id be well happy with grain stretching full stop. all of the would be even better!

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been getting stuck into the SMC tool by @Raul that allows for some stretching on command, made me realise how much id love to see the suggestions here run natively

ive also managed to bodge a realtime macro controllable based timestretcher by sticking a grain based pitchshift on a sampler effect lane and offsetting the original sample pitch.

doesnt work flawlessly but its usable - again - would love to see it native!

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