Grainfreezing With Dblues' Strech 2

may be cool for breakcoryglitchytracks :) dont forget to instal dblue strech 2 before >>


Warning: Stretch v2 is just a very quick test build which -definitely- contains some bugs. It is unfinished and has never been officially released, so you use it at your own risk! My advice is try not to play with the “BuffSize” parameter too much and it should generally be ok. The rest of the features should be stable.

Whew… now that’s out of the way…

Really nice demo track, Mat! I often use it for exactly the same purpose. In fact, when used in this way it is actually very similar to Buffer Override.


yep nice demonstration off how it can be used. I’ve used it as well in my ‘Renoise song forum’ spam post. Notably in the time stretching in the jungly tracks. Dblue for the win!

this is sweet,thanx,will experiment alot witth this

DBlue any chance you will ever “finish” stretch 2??

Yes. When I can pull myself away from GTA:IV and get back to working on my audio stuff, a new version of my stretcher will probably be one of the first things I release. I am working on some new systems for the future, but I will need something small to test them with first, and stretch will be quite perfect for this. I don’t think there will be lots of big, new features in it, but it should at least be bug-free and a bit more fun to use :)

thats good news :D

What i like with dblues’ plugins it s their ergonomy: really easy to use and to understand everytime :)