GranCrackle - Additional Clicks & Pops

Since I’m still in the process of begging for true granular functionality within Renoise, I continue to make small Doofers that will give SOME of the effects I hope to create from using Renoise’s sampler alone.

One such granular entity is a ‘crackling’ sound; small clicks and pops that would occur on a sustained (or any) sound if a granular effect device was set as a pass-through. A blended sound.

This Doofer can be placed either directly on an Instrument’s channel or as a Send Effect. It requires a sound to pass through it to have any sort of crackling happen. Thinking about it here - let’s say one would want the effect to be happening, but not heard - I do not know how to trigger the sound without another sound passing through it, as it requires sound to pass through the PDC Test Delay device. I’m using the Signal Follower device as a very light Attack/Release/Filter - not too sure how much it’s doing beyond adjusting the frequency ranges the PDC Test Delay can be heard.

In any case, here’s another Doofer that kinda/sorta gives me an effect that I’d want to create with a real Renoise-native granular device.

GranCrackle.xrdp (7.9 KB)