Granular Synthesis

Granular Synthesis is one slightly understimated field of research within sound exploration… and that’s quite strange if you consider the amazing potential of this method…

What about this? :)
The main idea is about adding a new native DSP thingy (let’s call it GRANULYZM) able to act as a granular synth. It could work something like this:

  1. You load a short sample in Sampleslot X
  2. You record a note in the first place where you want the sound to start from and relative note OFF where it should stop, more or less…
  3. You add GRANULYZM (?) to your track’s DSP.

Now what GRANULYZM ( :rolleyes: ) could do is to take that small sample and replay it at different speeds, with certain amount of time between one starting point and the other, according to setting in the interface.

I was not able to really find out anything similar except the obvious well-known choice for anyone in Granular Synthesis ( Granulab ). I saw a couple of VSTi trying to act in some similar way but they were pretty crappy… <_<
OR… developers could contact Rasmus Ekman and develope a special feature of Granulab into Renoise, maybe?

That was just some brainstorming… :) Is this something worth adding?

( If you never did, give granulab a chance ) :D

why don’t you granulize your samples by yourself by massive usage of 09xx and notes? :)

Native Instruments Reaktor has a granulizer module which lets you build your own granulator.

I think that it would be quite messy to build this into ReNoise as it is now.

Because it’s not quite the same result… and even if it was to be similar… it could reasonably take 30 X the same time :)
Pretty much the same way you don’t want to write down char after char when using “automation” to change, say, a volume…
OF COURSE you can do it without automation… but isn’t automation there to make it easier and sweeter? :lol:

Fine… but actually that comes with Reaktor… a commercial product that you must purchase separately… while my idea was to integrate it with Renoise…

Yes, I think it would be quite hard… xpecially when there are things that coudld turn out to be much more usefull than that (Direct On-Track sample recording, just to name the first it comes to my mind) but hell… I would define hard to code just ANY part of Renoise since I’m not a coder…
So I would rather wait for someone from the Great Council of Coders to comment on this :rolleyes:
Not that I’m really expecting anything…
as I said, that’s just brainstorming, you know ;)

when I say that it would be hard to implement it, I’m not saying it because of hardness of coding.

A granulator has some peculiar features and variables which are not compatible with the present ReNoise device standard.

Think about what you expect to see into a granulator:
I think we really need a grain table, which is something it should be made from scratch and added somewhere…

I think this is what the plugin API should be for.