Granular Synthie

check this one out , everything is recordable/automatable inside the plug , demorestrictions no saving

No Linux version. Useless for me… :(


Sounds good! Reasonable price, too.
Probably going to buy this me thinks.

Great plug. Probably the most usable granular synth plug I’ve seen.

Just one problem: doesn’t work in Renoise. :wacko:

Instead of displaying the custom UI, it just displays a basic column of sliders default UI (a la the Apple Audio Units). And that means you can’t access the sample loading/looping area at all, which is the heart of the whole thing.

Was a lot of fun when I loaded it up in Live, though. Hope they get it working in Renoise.

p.s. Bluscz, I feel your pain. Once upon a time, there were few decent plugs for Mac. But polite and persistent communication from Mac users to developers over the years has helped change that. (A lot of other developments along the way didn’t hurt, though: Apple’s switch to OSX, Apple buying Logic, the switch from PPC to Intel).

Anyway, if you want a LADSPA (or LV2) version of something, let the developer know. It can’t hurt.

No problem getting it to work on Windows, so it must be again something with the AU plugin GUI then again.