Graphic Tablets As Midi Controllers

Check this out! Another cool controller that is even afordable.

As I got a wacom myself I´m going to try this one out now :)

I found this link by reading the comments about the apple controller.

still waitin’ for a sequencer for graphic designers? :lol:

Ha, bought Liveslice yesterday, hope they will fix some issues i had within Renoise. :)

Just a short note, if you’re interested in LiveSlice, the problems within Renoise were solved and it should work fine with the next Renoise release.

Sorry for hijacking.

Don’t be. Thats nice information. So is it any good?

Oh yes, this tool is really sweet for mangling drumloops, it could be used live easiliy. To use it in Renoise, i’ll have to wait for the 1.53 release, LiveSlice forgets to play some slices because of syncing problems with Renoise.

Here is my bug report at KVR:

Ohm has released a small application, which let’s you use a touchpad as midi controller, it’s currently only a small testversion to play with, but it will be developed as a free VST plugin.

This could be useful for notebook users, who want to control a X-Y controller for example.