Graphical Feedback On Which Instrument Are Playing

This idea crossed my mind in a live situation as I was trying to figure out which VST Instrument was playing a sound which I wanted to modify the filter on, without triggering notes to find it by listening:

What if there was an option to make the instrument in the Instrument List flash subtle when an instrument is triggered - for example on a note-ons. The benefit would be that you would have a more graphical feedback of which instruments are triggered at the moment.

This feature could also be extended so that you can see which sample are triggered in the Sample List (beneat he Instrument List - if you’re positioned on a Instrument with multiple samples).

Another variation of this idea is to add a graphical MIDI-led on the VST-instrument view to see when it is sent or recieving MIDI. I think FL Studio has this feature.

Whaddadya think?

Totally this is a good idea, and could be implemented in a way like this:

Red circles appear when the samples trigger.

The problem is that currently the upper pane cannot be maximized, so you have to scroll the sample list to see all the triggered samples, which pales the usefulness of such feature.

I think the leds should be VU meters instead. Also an otion to mute/solo instruments could be useful, or?

good idea, reminds me off the good 'ol Waldorf Attack drum vsti where the individual sounds light up when triggered.

In the case of renoises instrument list, wouldn’t this feature make more sense if it was larger vertically? Right now you would just see a few instruments and samples and still would have to scroll and search.

Mute/Solo option would be aces! I’m gonna love it. :)
VU meters would be nice too, on a second thought, leds color could also be used as a meter, from dark red to bright red.

Yes and no → configurable? VU meters and a short flashing when the instrument is triggered, wether it makes a sound or not (for example, playing a silent sample) are two slightly different things. But maybe it could be combined, in the case of a circle, the outline could flash when the instrument is triggered and the inside of the circle could be the VU meter.

(plus the option to turn it off altogether to save CPU, unless it’s really neglible of course?)

  1. Yay! If that could be done by clicking on the indicator it wouldn’t even take up any space.

  2. I wanted to say this a billion time, because your English is flawless otherwise, and this is probably the most typical German mistake there is: “das Haus ist schön, oder?” → “the house is pretty, isn’t it?” :)

That would be brilliant. Have been missing that from the beginning. Used that a lot in Madtracker for instance. (also useful to render out song by instrument and not tracks).

Other improvements in the instrument list would be to have shortcuts to banks (virtual folders where you drag/drop instruments from the main list). Even a search box could be useful for very large projects.
But I guess to make any of this feasible we should be able to resize the list both vertical and horizontal.

the idea picted by Ashkan would be enough for me, anyway everything else mentioned here would be welcomed

this would certainly be nice to have,its easy to get kind of lost in it all so a big +1 from me

To efficiently use this impulse tracker feature we need a bigger instrument list display. When stopped it displays a mark beside instruments that played during last playback session. Useful? I used this a lot.

I love that screen in Impulse Tracker where you can watch the notes change pitch/volume, it was cool to watch fast solos and chord changes. I’d like to see that get implemented in Renoise someday.

This is great idea.

The ability to mute & solo instruments would be ace!!! +1

About the VU-meter thing: how would a MIDI instrument respond to that? It doesn’t produce any sound inside Renoise…


I remember the oldschool scream-tracker had this also! :P

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I have been waiting for this a longtime…

Also a way to just see if an instrument is used in the song or not.
One way could be to just sort instruments by, used/not used, but some small mark or make the text bold if used and not bold if not used.

yay! another impulse tracker feature i still miss. this would be dope.

my suggestion for the VU is that you could have a vu bar that takes up the instrument-name-field background (ie: the space behind the text fills with a brighter color from left to right depending on velocity), but this would probably be a bit more resource intensive than justifiable.

being able to solo by instrument/sample would be krass.

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Yep! Impulse Tracker had it too, it was cool to watch

I’ll be honest and say I don’t remember suggesting this. :slight_smile: But I suppose you do see activity on the instruments/samples so I guess it was implemented.

Oh wow, my bad. I have a lot of old forum threads popped up on my unread list :smiley: