I just wanted to take this moment to thank the Renoise team from the bottom of my heart. I’d thank you deeper, but I doubt you want to go there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

From the very first moment I discovered what you were doing, I was on board. You pretty much cleared the schedule for me; There was nowhere else to turn, because nobody else were even remotely close. You’ve consistently delivered a product that, with every update, has noticeably improved, while still maintaining the benefactors of the idiosyncrasies you initially adopted. It’s been an absolute joy paying for your work. It fed the best days of my career, and it will feed the best days of many other’s careers.

It must, and should, feel amazing to know that the work you put in enable artists to work their craft, much like you yourselves are artists working a craft.

I remember a moment when Taktik took the time to treat a corrupted .rns to at least let me get back my programming, which resulted in a short track that somehow wound its way up on a compilation cd not long after

It’s because of personal interest like you have showed before that I will probably keep paying for your software even when I’m no longer producing and using it in any substantial way.

You’re just good folk. And I salute you. I wish I could have done more to help you other than pay you the measly fee you ask. Thank you.

even though i’m not using Renoise for as long as you have, i couldn’t agree more and couldn’t have phrased it better.

I hope there’ll never be such a day ;)

Although in all honesty I’ve probably not spent more than a couple of hours composing in last few releases and I myself instantly renewed my licence when it came up as still part of the community (plus I do keep telling myself to sort it out and actually do something for the first time in X years…)

It’s like with sports like football or decathlon when you stop competing you still watch the games…

Btw dope track, sunjammer!

@sunjammer - is that green thing having sex with your head?

If so, was it good for you?

If so, can I borrow it? :lol:

Sunjammer as cthulu

yeah, awesome headgear alright! (=