Great Free File Hosting With Direct Linking Allowe is #1 for Free File and Image Hosting

in my quest for a good place to stick my mp3s for people to be able to download, i came across this…

250 megs, 10gb per month data transfer, and direct linking is allowed! just wanted to share with anyone who might be paying too much for webspace!

ah! thank you … good info. :D

dude, that blows SERIOUS ass. :(



for those who are wondering what a ‘serious ass’ is

i’m wondering what “+1 mlon” is ???

There’s also a site called Infexious where you can upload tracks into the forum. Think direct linking has recently been enabled. As they have just moved to a site with a lot more space ion, who runs it, has been offering a few free ftp spaces, but I doubt he would give them to complete newbies to the site.

It’s based around electronic music really, so not so good if you are doing rock or pop stuff (but that’s not really Renoise’s strong point anyway, especicially with no way to record and see audio in your tracks) and with a standard, free account you have 12MB of space to upload what you want. Guests are allowed to download and comment, so it’s an easy place to check out and see if you like.

But I would recomend you check it out, being a mod on there and all… :rolleyes:

just got this email

Would like to let all the users of myfilehut know that mp3 streaming is back

Thank you


checked it, and sure enough, my files are linking properly from ctgmusic again. big relief because now i don’t have to find alternate webspace.