Great Hip Hop

I Collaborated with a US rapper on this one!

I got the rap vocals and overdub tracks from JON?DOE via mail.
All time-stretching, mixing and mastering where done inside Renoise!

Hope you enjoy!

JON?DOE - Tonight (Prod. By Spheroid Beats)

I am not really into hh, but I like quality of sounds…

How did you perform time stretching?

Great track I realy like it, deep hiphop.

@Bluszcz for time-streching you can use 09XX command but it not so good rather for special effects and slice.

But this:
is great tool. Ideal time-streach.

@Simonus - I don’t want start another thread about “09xx” limitations ;) - I know (I think I met this one in protracker 2.3 ;) this one…

Was curious what Rasmus did use in his tune…

Anyway - I am gonna check rubberband for sure.

But its not RT?

Nope its not. B1ut it is best thing in renoise for time-streach atleast for now.

Och, I see, there is ladspa pluging using this library:

rubberband-ladspa - a LADSPA plugin for audio pitch-shifting
rubberband-cli - an audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting utility
librubberband2 - an audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting library

And with LADSPA plugin it should be possible to do it RT…

well, have to finish work first :P :drummer:

super nice sound quality!

You could just download Reaper. Their built-in timestretch works really well, and it’s sort of “free” :P I’ve paid for it though.


Although,I prefer either boom bap like Premier or J Dilla and Madlib “sloppy” style,this was pretty good!I wish that I could give you more feedback but you did well:)

This was nice man… wd!

I used the rubberband RenoiseTool…

Used it on the main rhodes sample and the chorus vocals too. The rhodes sample loop was changed from 120 bpm to 90 bpm. Some of the vocals. Those that didn’t fit the mix for example the ‘‘give me more’’ sample was timestretched. I didn’t how much it needed. Only solution was to try a nudge of 2 percent, listen, undo, 4 percent and so on untill the stretch was perfect!
I really like this tool and the functions are great. The only downside is the pitch-shift function. Maybe because I don’t use it right!?

Thx 4 feedback. Keep it coming!