Great things about Dexed

Im starting up this thread so that we can talk about how the dexed VST have enriched our lives and indirectly share our discoveries about cool things that could be done with it.

For starters im quite happy to be able to use a tracker in session view in ableton live. I started to make some breakbeats yesterday. Woke up today thinking that i have to do some kind of drum composition out of the phrases being triggered in session view at the moment and then remembered that i could actualy just keep on adding elements to session view and then improvise the composition in the way that many people prefer to work in Live. Quite a difference from running live simulatenous with renoise over rewire.

Hey, I think I didn’t get the message :slight_smile:

Did you make drum sounds using dexed?

I really like dexed or fm8 (think fm8 has some advantages in usage), both can import dx7 (and other dx) banks. In dexed I always get lost in setting up carrier and modulator? Since everything looks the same. After a time I improved some presets, for example i love that classical fm like bass you can hear in lot of 80s song (e.g. Lost patrol Amiga). This bass sounds to me better than a real ebass, if you setup it right.

There is a nice manual for dexed or general fm somewhere, I have seen it in the kvr dexed osc thread. Also the music evotion competition had dexed one time, very impressive entries.

Dexed or redux?

I loved dexed, there’s so much you can do with it. It’s such a great example for the open source world.

Pretty sure you didn’t mean dexed though :ph34r: