Green line (playback indicator) when stopped?

I really feel like a noob asking this but… why does the green row highlight stay stuck on the last played row when you stop playback? Is there a way to get rid of it?

It’s nice (for me) to have it stick around so that I have a visual indicator of where playback will start again if the “Pause/Continue” key sequence (Shift-Space by default) is entered.

Others can think of more reasons, I’m sure.

As far as getting rid of it, I don’t think that’s possible without getting rid of it during playback as well, with some tricky theme settings.
Probably not what you want.

aha, now i have a use for it. Thanks! :w00t:

Hit enter to move it to a row where it isn’t in your way :P

A nice feature would be a “start marker” (like ctrl+f7 in impulse tracker) that would basically mean “playback by default starts here”. Maybe this could be implemented as a marker that “bounces” the green playback indicator back to the selected pattern and row on stop?

That is scriptable, and some vague memory seems to be telling me someone might have scripted it already…

Ah, i was wondering if, and how well, it would be possible to script something like this.

Is the “start marker” visible? If so, how would the script tell the pattern editor to highlight row R in pattern P, let’s say with colors BC for background and FC for foreground?

You can store the last played position as soon as the notifier function is called when the “song is stopped”.
You can attach a keyboard shortcut to a function that will start playing the song from that exact position regardless in what pattern and line you are.