Greenpeace sample pack + contest (deadline february 28th)

Hi guys,
Did you see that ? There is a nature sourced sample pack from greenpeace associated with a contest.
I might participate.


cool. i’ll have to check out the pack and see if it inspires :slight_smile:

thanks for posting!

yes… don’t know yet which genre to make, house or techno would be the easiest I guess.

just out of curiousity, were you able to DL this pack? every time I try, the dl button just cocks its head and looks at me as if I’m stupid… aaand no DL forthcoming :man_facepalming:

yes, the dl button ìn the email worked for me.
There is also an alternate link to the pack, I’m sending you a pm

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awesome, thanks for the link!!!

Some nice sounds and textures/ambience in here. worth the dl, regardless of the contest, imo

Was it clear to you if we were supposed to make a song using ONLY these sounds? seemed to me like they weren’t particularly strict on that point, but maybe I misread.

yup, nice stuff in there and its nice to have a sample pack WITHOUT 909 sounds for once :smiley:
Almost too simple with the preprocessed / categorized stuff
I didnt read any rule that says that we should use only those samples. I will use something else for the kick for sure

Frustrating I’m overflowed these days but this seems inspiring!

The question is how will sound the future? Future bounce? industrial? hardcore? lounge? :hot_face: :cold_face::sunglasses:

Note: this topic would be better in Competitions & collaborations than Renoise songs.

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thanks, I changed the category.
I felt inspired and started something this evening.
Sounds a bit techno / industrial.

used only the sample pack as sound source besides the kick :slight_smile:


cool :sunglasses:

Didn’t get selected. Here was my contribution:

@slujr did you make something as well ?

Nope. started on something, but wasn’t really feeling it, so abandoned ship.

Nice job on your track!

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Hi antismap,

I did not have the chance to listen to your track… would it be possible to please share with me the free greenpeace sample pack ? the download link isn’t available anymore…

Many thanks in advance


Here’s the track. I’m not that happy with the result :slight_smile:
The pack is still available here :

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Thanks so much for sharing :grinning: :pray: Much appreciated !!

The construction of the track is good, and I like the overall style and idea :slight_smile:

I think it is missing a bassline to make it more groovy, and the synth at 2:30 I would have used it also in the intro of the track to make it more progressive, like an immersion in the forest. It works nicely after the break. The break is really nice, but the rain sample is a bit loud.

Have you participated to the contest, did they provide any feedback ?

Thanks again for sharing, very nice of you !

Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it !

I agree with you… at some point I was not feeling it anymore, also the sample pack is I think really limited, either you use the samples without too much effects to keep the “nature” style, but then they dont have a lot of musicality or harmony in those samples. Or you play with effects a lot but then you end up with more electronic sounds, which was maybe not the goal of this exercise.

Yes I participated but I wasn’t selected, I didn’t get any feedback, just the info that I wasn’t selected.