Grid For The Automation Window

could you please add a grid for the automation envalope window (the big one for track automation) that would show vertical highlighted lines every 8 bars (or configerable #) so you know when you put your dots where they are refering too in the pattern. and maybe lines going across for values (one at 20% 40% 60% etc)

also, you could take this a step further and indicate where notes are located on the envalope grid so you can jsut drop points knowing where each note is. ah i was gonna draw an example but cant seem to atach files here. but u know what i mean ;)

i think we already discuss about that.
i found this topic with other nice ideas:…7ad50384e8941ac

summing up:

  • grid .
  • Values in the grid .
  • Notes visibles to sharp automise .
  • “transparent” curve automation .

what else i forgot?

a grid is useless without snap-to-grid !!! B)

Support this wholeheartedly. Though I think Renoise should have vertical automation envelopes for each track. The same goes for showing waveforms.

  • usage of keyboard cursors to move selected points
  • Other curve types, besides hermite
  • Some little tiny signes, or text-values displaying ending value of the same envelope in the previous pattern, and the value of the beginning of the envelope in the next pattern.

a point of reference is a useful thing. IMHO :ph34r: