Groove on speed 3

Hey, people!

I always choose speed 3 before starting on a song, simply because it gives better “resolution” on envelopes and it’s generally just easier to get an overview of the rythms and whatnot. Anyway, I was wondering if there is any chance of getting a groove-function while using speed 3.

I know that the groove function makes every other line faster/slower to get that skippy feeling. Is this possible on speed 3? If not, I really would suggest you implement this feature :)

PS: Renoise makes life worth living :rolleyes:


Take a look at the thread “A question of speed”.
We’re most likely removing the speed parameter (and replacing it with something else), so implementing what you ask for now would soon be obsolete.



ok, sorry maybe im digging old posts out of the grave but has this feature been implemented yet in 1.5??

i cant seem to do much with the groove settings.