Groove Per Track

Currently (v2.7.1) groove settings can only be applied to a song.
I would like to be able to apply groove settings to a desired track. (DSP form or so)

One of the reasons is that VST arpeggiators and trance gate effects can sometimes conflict with the applied groove settings. (Nexus VST for example)
This can be avoided if groove settings could be applied to the desired tracks only.

While we can achieve grooves by manually applying delays through the delay column/effect. I find this time consuming and difficult.
Additionally it is not possbile to mess around with note lengths/timings within a tracker-based sequencer, unless you set the LPB to a gigantic value.

Also it would be nice if the groove options could be extended, because I find them essential and they are somewhat limited.

This would be very nice ! +1

There’s a tool for this… lemme find it…

Groove is so important, yet still quite limited in renoise. I think that revamping a groove part of renoise could boost renoise tracker to a new heights. I dig your idea in general. Also quite handy would be to create (extract) groove from recording and samples to be applied on tracks. Currently, I am working always on delay column to make a grooves, but problem is that it’s hard to translate it to every track and then make a modifications of master groove. It’s not impossible, but it’s a lot of work. I like groove tool that one of users created, and it’s a good starting point, but there is so much to be desired.

+1 to all of this.

Groove per track with a finer resolution than quarter notes would be lovely. Time to get these tracks grooving properly without so much work. It’s nice ot have a couple of ways to do things, and while I appreciate the tracker way of creating groove, something a little easier would be awesome as an alternate.

And to have some really nice groove templates in the new groove would be great ;)

The groove tool can be easily improved (meaning:anyone can hack into the code) for doing grooves up to 1/256th level.