Groove Per Track

Please. Please. Please. Just an on / off per track.

I think this won’t be done, because it’s kind of difficult to visualize the track groove then in relation to the other tracks… Other daws have a destructive groove option only, too.

Maybe at least some kind of good and simple groove options in the advanced editor? Four sliders like the master shuffle, but this time destructive? Something really fast working, so you really can watch notes moving around whole dragging the sliders?

I the meanwhile try groove tool or my tuned shortcuts.

Lets just say I have a part with some swingin’ 808s, and then I want to bring In a hot pants break. The swing doesn’t really work great with the break but theres not a way for me to have groove on just 808’s without copying and pasting TONs of delay commands which is quite cumbersome in terms of workflow. You know just an On/off switch at the bottom of each track right below the track delay.

I love groove tool , will have to try tuned shortcuts.