Groove Settings, Can They Be Witched Off/on?

I’m in the middle of a song now with groove settings ON but I want to switch the settings to OFF for the next part that I have in mind. Is there a command that I can use? Or do I have to do it the old hard way putting the tempo changes in there by manually?

groove settings are fixed.

I never used them for this reason, and of course because they are not oldschool ;)

Ah too bad… Hopefully we see some flexibility in the future because it’s really nice to use if not essential to break out of static rhythms or even oldskool habits :D . Thanks for your reply.

Going back to oldskool bpm-change in the mastertrack then :P

I use the “d(>0)” tick-delay pancolumn effect.
this is cool because you can use different grooves on any track.
some “detunes” in beats are also very cool. no human drummer
is perfect.

makes gilli happy

in general i alsu jst use pattern delay commands to add swing rythm. that way you get the absolute control over every pattern entry which is totally an old-skool tracking pet peeve. :yeah: