Groove Settings On Delay?

As far as I can tell, global “groove settings” don’t apply to line-synced delays. Can anybody think of a workaround for this?

The line delays are synched to the tempo and LPB, but the consequences of changing the tempo or LPB when line-sync is turned on, you don’t want that either: crackles and peaks as a result. Currently there is no good way to prevent these artifacts from happening.

Depending on song, you could try these:

  1. Create new note column, copy+paste whole thing 1 line later and adjust volume.

  2. Put second delay before actual delay, feedback to zero and for example if one line delay time would be 200ms and groove 50%, 300ms(200x1,5) should be close to groove setting.

Also you need to double original delays time.

Use the offset function when line-sync is enabled?

Oldskool delay, always fun, though not very versatile if you want to do anything very complicated.

Great idea! It requires a bit of calculation based on the tempo and your set-up but seems to get a pretty nice effect. You need to set up an envelope or an LFO to turn on the second delay only on the beats you want to be groovy. ;)

I’m not sure what you mean by this…but if you mean the sample offset function, the delay column, or the delay note effects, all of these only affect samples being played back, not FX.

There is a L-R offset function in the Delay if you enable line-sync. If you set it up properly it should work with groove settings.

I use a LPB of 12 for grooved music, then you can make the delay sync with the groove by using line sync of 4 or 8, or ungrooved by syncing with lines 3, 6 etc. I don’t use the Song Groove function at all.