Groove tool

Is there a tool or a way to apply groove to an individual track as opposed to the whole pattern?
If not, this is something i miss. Usually I programm all the little timing tweaks, but if the groove settings could be applied pr. track that would make this easier.

I assume most people here use Renoise 3 by now (considering that this is the Renoise 3 Beta sub-forum), so why always point people to incompatible tools?

Nevermind, it actually works…


Renoise attempts to convert the tools automatically. I have no fear this would fail for pattern editor specific tools.
If this is about instrument manipulation tools, i would not point to a Renoise 2.8 or lower version tool.

OK. I tried it and it did not work for me.

Do you use beta3? For me the conversion worked…

Yes the conversion worked. The tool is just not exactly what I was searching for. Maybe I just need to get used to it.
Thanx anyway