Groovy Or Expressive Programming In Trackers


I’m a (fairly) happy Renoise user of a couple of months now and am enjoying it as a means of getting track ideas down pretty quickly and, by some strange virtue of the GUI, making better arrangements.

The one thing I really struggle with presently is the “mechanical” nature of tracking sequencers. I can apply groove to drum parts and the note on/note off approach works well with fast parts (16th note basslines etc). I understand there are hexadecimal key commands that affect delays between and during note on/note off info, I just really struggle to wrap my head around how to recreate, say, playing a couple of quarter notes with sixteenth note length breaks between them, then holding the notes for eights etc…

I have had a look at the Renoise fora and tutorials online and I am struggling to understand what commands or equivalent values would have that same effect. For percussive parts, I’ve note used anything so handy in a long time, but for melodies and pads etc, I’d love to be able to affect note lengths and the breaks between notes more easily.

Thanks for any help or suggestions you can make…

are you talking about delay column?

you can use it together with a note-off event also:

not ins vol pan del  
C-4 01 -- -- 00  
off -- -- -- 40  

this will delay the note-off event by a quarter of line.

in general, this is a short reference table

00 => no delay
20 => 1/8th of line delay
40 => 1/4th of line delay
80 => 1/2 of line delay
C0 => 3/4th of line delay

the more lines per beat (command ZLxx), the little measure a single line counts in tempo: when a beat is composed of 8 lines (ZL08), a line is of course 1/8th of a beat, then delaying a note (or a note-off) by 1/2 line (80 in delay column) means delaying it by 1/16th of a beat; thus, finally, if the delayed note is in the 3rd line (3/8th of the beat), delaying it by 80 will play the note a 3.5/8 of the beat, id est: 7/16th

btw ctrl+shift+D toggles the delay column.
there’s also a (hidden) effect column command 0QXX for delay.

Thanks a lot.