Group Dsps Displayed In Children

Perhaps this is difficult to make, but I’d like to see an option to show the group specific DSPs in the children. They could be displayed last in the childrens DSP chain in some kind of “shadowed” (but editable) version. Otherwise I’d imagine there will be a lot of track navigation back and forth.

If not, we’d have to make very ugly tools to meet this need :)

Can you clarify “Children” a bit more? you mean child-groups within parent-groups?

I wanted every member of a group have its DSP chain displaying the parents DSP chain most right in its chain (“shadowed” but editable - and optional). I am not sure how this should work with multiple layers.

Why: when I tweak parameters in a chain, I generally want to tweak the parent DSPs as well to find the right sound. Navigation will break off the process all the time unless I set up a hydra. Of course there is always the mixer view, but…

hmm maybe you should do that in the mixerview there you can jump very fast between the fx… with auto max selected divice tool you come directly to your parameters

could be very confusing to have 30 shadows when using 5 fx on 6 tracks in a group…

Yes. That’s why I suggested it be optional. It fits some peoples workflow way better, and others not :)