Group sends with tracks

I have a Track going to a send for effects, but I want to group the send and track together so I can compress them together and give it a more uniform sound rather than sound like an effect plonked on top of a sound.

I’ve read the previous posts with no avail, is there still no way to do this?

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You will have to send both of them to a new send and compress it there. (sends can be sent to sends).

Would be neat, if any track (to the right of the sending track) could be a target of the send device (all incoming audio simply added together). Then you could put your send track into the related group and then compress it together or so, or keeping the group related fx next to the group! …Or nest groups in a fancy way!

@taktik what do you think about this? If you would work on sidechaining at some point and would change/touch the send structure anyway, what about then adding this, too? For me as non Renoise programer it looks like a “pretty simple” change.

Bitwig can have sends within groups, too, btw.


Or just pray for devs to work on parallel containers? Most DAWs have this kind of AUX/BUS tracks separated right-most, I think.

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The modern DAWs are flexible here. I think you cannot compare Renoise to a dinosaur DAW.