Group The Pattern

Hi there !

First just would like to say that i really appreciate that a company takes care of what the users need and updates its software constantly. You make a great DAW which get better and better and is just THE ultimate bundle on the market .

So i use renoise since the 1.9 and the 2.7 is just totally amazing, i use it for all my tracks and releases, but the only think that miss ( in my opinion ) for a real live performance, is the way to group patterns in a sequence. I’ll try to explain it but don’t take care of my poor english.
As we’re limited at 512 by pattern, i would really like to have the possibility to group the patterns to have, for example, like 3 or 4 sequences of patterns that i may switch easily. It would be a more intuitive, convenient way to focus, on stage, on what we play without having the mind going like " oh damn i have to loop the patterns for the next step, oh, i would like to take that bbreak down there just now before the chorus " and losing time playing with the blocks and not with improvisation.

Again, i think renoise is THE studio software, i can’t go back on the others now. But now, I have to use ableton for my live sets…

Hope you will find this as a good idea and i really hope you will because i would love to go on tour with just … R E N O I S E !!!

Nice. I think this feature would allow multiple groups of patterns in the song sequence to be looped - instead of just allowing one group to be looped. Yes?
If multiple group selections in the song sequence could be activated to loop or not loop, that would definitely be a good thing- especially for live performance, since it would make it easy to jump to different looped areas of your song. I really like this idea! :D

Yeah! You can loop multiple patterns in succession by holding shift and clicking the loop button on the pattern. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could hold the ctrl key and select specific patterns kinda like how u select icons on your desktop in windows?

Have you looked at the Grid Pie tool? Not actually had a proper play but it allows you to select data from different patterns and switch what is playing in the active area live. Might do some of what you want ;)

Totes I love that thing!