Group track meter should have a separate VU Meter Color & Issue with color of tracks with send devices

Hello in Version 3.3.2 a new behaviour was introduced that groupchannels has no groupspecific colored VU-meter in mainmixer. I can go with that there is the wish for generalization in softwaredevelopment. (I am developer too) But i’m screendesigner/softwareergonic too. And from this position i must say that this decision reduce the viewergonomics in bad direction. The awareness of groupchannel status is much more quickly and easier about the VU- meter color, as over the “#S>S01” headerstring only. There are potenzial problems with changed/customfonts in rendering and/or missing Charsign’s in Font. Thats why i make a call to the developer bring back the old Renoise 3.3.1 state, or at least, when you stuck on that decision, even it in all meters, not only in mainmixer VU Meters. Here are some marked screenshots…




happy tracking :slight_smile:

No problems here with the default theme. Maybe it’s a problem with the color design of that theme you’re using. I’m also using 3.3.2 and all things show up fine.

YOu not read my Post!!! Its on every Theme!!! And its an internal function that was changed with the Last Renoise Update. I have Version 3.3.1 installed to, which has not this design weakness.

The mixer shows/controls two types of volume/pan controls and meters:

  • Pre: this is applied (Volume/Pan) & captured (Meter) before the DSP chain is run
  • Post: this is applied & captured after the DSP chain is run

The mode can be toggled on the top, right in the Mixer → Pre / Pan

In Pre mode, as shown in your screenshot, the send devices won’t bypass the signal. That’s also why the meters are not marked as such. If you switch to post mode, they will be black, as you’ve expected.

This Pre/Pan concept indeed is pretty unique and confusing. We probably should make more clear which mode currently is active - somehow.

It surely wouldn’t hurt to let group tracks stand out a bit more in the mixer. Now they simply are a bit dimmed, which is easy to miss.


Ok your right with this. After switching to Post mode the mainmixer view shows the expected known view. Thx for your explanation. Changed VU meter colors would do the job for me. But whatever, if you highlighting groupchannels in additional way PLZ PLZ PLZ DO NOT USE autocontrast feature and dont bind it on an existing Color config Value. Make exclusiv Colorattribute with seperated Colorconfigvalue for it.

happy tracking :slight_smile:

i tested it. The VU meter coloring seems nothing to happend with group channels. VU-meter colors changed if there is a #Send & #Multiband Send Routing in a Channel.