Group/track Renumbering

Inserting a new group in a song without any creates a group called “Group 02” instead of the expected “Group 01”, and adding subsequent tracks increases the number; with numbered tracks the numbers get shifted to match – e.g. creating a group containing Track 01 puts Track 01 in Group 02, and renumbers Track 02 to Track 03, Track 03 to 04, etc… It doesn’t really matter (if you’re not naming tracks you’re going to get confused eventually anyway) but it does seem like odd behaviour.

  • the logic with the track/group numbers in the scope puzzles me a bit atm.

As soon as you give the tracks or groups a real name Renoise won’t touch them anymore.

Odd? Maybe. Let’s discuss this in the 2.8 suggestions forum please.

I’d class it as a bug – naming the first group “Group 02” can’t possibly be deliberate?

It’s not a bug - have you tried inserting a group elsewhere? The group is named incrementally, in the same way as tracks.
So if you insert the group after track 11, you’ll get group 12, etc. Insert a track before either one, and both numbers get increased by one.

I guess that you desire a system in which tracks and group tracks each have their own incremental counter?


It doesn’t quite work as you describe anyway – if I put Track 01 in a group, the group is now “to the left” of Track 01 but is numbered 02; if there are no numbered tracks or groups then creating a new group gives you number 02 and not 01. I cannot under any circumstances get the group numbering to start at 01, so I consider this a bug, albeit minor and unimportant: I rename them immediately after creation, but it’s still weird.

Well, I’m nitpicking now, but try this: first, right-click the first track (Track 01), and create a new group (will be labelled Group 02).
Next, drag Track 01 inside Group 02 to the left-hand side of Track 03. Now, the (empty/useless) group is labelled Group 01. It’s very simple really. The naming doesn’t differentiate between track and groups. And since the group (in the signal flow and in the pattern editor) comes after the track, it’s named Group 02 initially.

So no bug - it’s simply a naming convention, but most importantly the behavior is consistent . Whether it’s the right behavior, well, I guess that is what we should be talking about.

I agree it’s a bit confusing and personally feel Groups should of also been number from 1, so that you have a Track_1 and a Group_1. Not a show stopper though, especially as Tracks often get renamed once they have much useful in them…